WhatsApp Rolled Out a New Feature for Group Video and Audio Calling

WhatsApp Group video and audio calling
WhatsApp Group Video and Audio Calling

Facebook-owned company has rolled out a new feature for the instant messaging WhatsApp app. The new feature of WhatsApp available for both Android and iOS users. As you know, WhatsApp Group Video Call feature was launched in 2018. Since then it has become the handiest feature to communicate with our kith and kins and friends too.

In addition, this new feature has added to group video and audio calling in a single tap up to four or fewer members of a group chat. Earlier,  you had to manually add members one by one for a group call. This whole process was a headache and irritating for users to make a group video or audio chat.

Now you can easily add up to four people at once in the video as well as audio calling. However, this new calling feature will work in those WhatsApp groups in which they have four members or less. I have tested this feature on the latest version 2.20.122 of WhatsApp.

These are the steps to use this new calling feature:

1. Open your WhatsApp group to make a group video or audio call.

2. After opening WhatsApp group, tap on the phone icon in the top right corner.

whatsapp video and audio call feature

3. After this, select contacts to place a video or audio group call.

whatsapp video call feature

4. Next, select the desired contacts, and you will see two options beside the selected contacts. The first option is for group video calling and the second one is for group audio calling.

whatsapp video and audio calling option

5. Now can tap on either the video calling icon or the audio calling icon.

This is all about WhatsApp’s new video and audio group calling feature, still if you have any doubts you can drop your queries below in the comment box.

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