How To Create Your Own Facebook Avatars

How To Create Your Own Facebook Avatars

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world to keep us connected with our friends, colleagues and kith and kin. Recently Facebook has rolled out major features to make our chatting experience better and safer, such as shortcuts bar, off-Facebook activity, dark mode, Messenger Kids and so on. 

The Avatar feature is one of them which allows users to create their own cartoon-like avatars to share it with your friends. The cartoon version of yourself gives you a better way to express yourself on Facebook.

The avatar feature also has lots of in-built customisation options such as a variety of hairstyles, faces, colours, complexions, lines, eye shapes, eyebrows, Bindi, eyewear, nose, nose rings, mouth, facial hair, body shape, outfits, headwear, earrings and the like.

Where can we use our own Facebook Avatars?

Facebook’s avatars can be used in comments, stories, profile pictures, news feed and messenger as well. Moreover, users can share these avatars on WhatsApp chats. 

How to Create Facebook Avatars and use them?

Before trying out this new avatar feature on Facebook, make sure you have the latest version of Facebook installed on your device.

Follow these steps to create your own Facebook avatars:

1. Open the Facebook app on your device.

facebook app opening

2. Tap on the hamburger button at the top right corner of the right hand.

Tap on Facebook Hamburger button

3. Now scroll down a little bit and tap on the “See More” option.

Tapping on See More option on facebook

4. After tapping on the “See More” option,  here you’ll see the avatar option, tap on it.

Tapping on See More option on facebook

5. Now choose your desired skin tone and tap Next.

Facebook Avatar option opening

6. On the next screen, you can personalise your avatar by selecting a hairstyle, face shape, eye shape, colour, eyebrows, eyewear, nose, mouth, facial hair, body shape, outfit, headwear, earrings and so on. Apart from this, Facebook has an inbuilt handy feature that allows you to pull up selfie cam to double-check what you look like. 

Facebook Avatar Opening Options

7. Once the part of personalisation is ready, tap on the “Done” from the top right corner and tap on the FINISH button.

finishing facebook avatar

8. Now your avatar is completely ready, tap on the “Next” button and then tap on the “Next” button again. On the next screen, you can select a pose to share your avatar in the News Feed, or you can skip this step if you don’t want to share it in the news feed.

facebook avatar

9. Finally, your cartoon-like animated avatar is ready, you can share it to feed or set as profile picture from the share button. There is also a sticker option just below the share button, from there, you can share a particular sticker on messenger or any other social media app through more options. You can share it now.

cartoon-like facebook animated avatar

Voila! You’re done!

So this was all about how to create your own Facebook avatars still, if you have any doubts you can drop your queries below in the comment box.

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