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How to set different ringtone for different contacts: A Handy Guide for Smartphone Users

Introduction: Why to set different ringtone for different contacts

Are you eager to personalize your smartphone experience by assigning distinct ringtones to different callers? Imagine effortlessly identifying incoming calls solely by their unique ringtone, without even glancing at your device. In today’s guide, we unveil a game-changing feature tailored for individuals inundated with frequent calls. With this capability, you can set different ringtone for different contacts and you’ll never miss important calls again.

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Why Custom Ringtones Matter

  • Personalization and Efficiency
  • Prioritizing Important Calls
  • Enhancing User Experience

Getting Started: Updating Google Contacts to set different ringtone

To begin utilizing this feature, ensure that you have the latest version of Google’s Contacts app installed on your smartphone. While this application comes preloaded on numerous smartphones, ensure you’re up to date by downloading any available updates from the Google Play Store. In addition, this application is very handy in the restoration of deleted contacts.

Accessing Google Contacts Ringtones Feature

Once you’ve installed or updated the Google Contacts app, launch it and navigate to the “Fix & manage” tab. Here, within the “Other tools” section, you’ll find a newly added option labelled “Contact ringtones.” Upon selecting this option, a window dedicated to managing contact ringtones will appear.

Within the Contact Ringtones window, locate and select the “Add contact ringtone” button. This option enables you to assign custom ringtones to individual contacts.

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Selecting Contacts and Ringtones

Upon selecting the “Add contact ringtone” option, you’ll be presented with a list of your contacts. Choose the contact for whom you wish to set a custom ringtone. Once selected, you’ll be directed to your smartphone’s default ringtone picker, where you can browse and select the desired ringtone for that particular contact.

Enjoying Effortless Caller Identification

Now, whenever you receive a call from the contact for whom you’ve set a custom ringtone, your chosen tone will play, instantly alerting you to the caller’s identity.

Embrace the power of personalization with custom ringtones for your contacts. Elevate your smartphone experience by seamlessly identifying callers with distinct and personalized ringtone melodies. With this intuitive feature, stay connected and informed with every incoming call.

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