How to transfer photos from Facebook to Google Photos

How to transfer photos from Facebook to Google Photos
Facebook Photos Transfer Tool

Social networking site Facebook has released a handy in-built tool that lets you transfer your Facebook photos or videos over to Google Photos, Dropbox, Koofr as well as Backblaze B2 in pretty simple steps.

The Facebook company is working very hard to provide a better and dedicated user experience. Facebook has recently launched some useful features such as dark mode, a new user interface, Privacy Shortcuts, and Privacy Checkup.

The transfer tool is one of the best features that allows Facebook users to easily move images or videos to Google Photos, Dropbox and other available services.

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Ever since Facebook launched this transfer tool back in 2019, it has only with worked Google Photos. But currently, it supports up to four services, namely Google Photos, Dropbox, Koofr and Backblaze B2.

How to Move Facebook Images and Videos over Google Photos and other services.

If you are going to permanently delete your Facebook account or just want to transfer your Facebook photo to one of the available services then you can use this tool. Facebook’s transfer tool is very straightforward to use, and it would take just a few steps to get everything done.

Here are the simple steps to transfer images or videos to Google Photos, Dropbox, Koofr and Backblaze B2.

1. Type in the address bar of your browser and log into your Facebook account.

2. After this, click on the down arrow from the top right corner.

How to use Facebook transfer tool

3. In this step, click on the “Settings & Privacy” option in the drop-down settings menu.

Facebook Photos Transfer Tool

4. After clicking “Settings & Privacy“, a new pop-up menu will open. Now head to “Settings” and open it.

Facebook built-in photos or videos transfer tool

5. From there, click on “Your Facebook Information” from the left side panel.

Your Facebook Information

6. Now click on the View option beside the Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos.

Transfer a Copy of Your Phots or Videos

7. After clicking on the View option, Facebook also require you to re-enter your password to verify your identity.

Facebook photos, videos transfer to google photos

8. Choose What to Transfer — Now choose a copy of either your photos or videos you’ve uploaded to Facebook.

Choose what to transfer option in Facebook to transfer photos, video on Google photos or Dropbox

9. Choose Destination — Now choose a desired destination from the given services where a copy of your photos or videos will be transferred.

choose destination on Facebook

10. In this step, simply click on the Next button.

clicking on next button after choosing destination on facebook

11. After the above steps, you have to choose your account to verify yourself once again. Now click on the Allow button to confirm your choices.

12. Upon confirming your choice, you have to grant Facebook permission by clicking on the Allow button.

granting facebook permission to transfer facebook photos or videos

13. Finally, click on the Confirm Transfer button to confirm.

confirm transfer photos on google photos or dropbox

14. Your photos or videos are being transferred and may take some time depending on how many images and videos you have to transfer.

facebook photos, videos transfer process

You do not need to constantly check to see if things are done. Once your transfer process is complete, Facebook will notify you via an alert.

So this was all about how to transfer photos from Facebook to Google Photos, Dropbox, Koofr and Backblaze B2, if you still have any questions regarding this, please drop your queries in the comments section below.

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