How to Enable and Customize Text Cursor Indicator in Windows 10

How to Enable and Customize Text Cursor Indicator in Windows 10
Text Cursor Indicator in action in Microsoft Word

Have you ever experienced an issue in finding the text cursor in the middle of a large amount of text in the text editor such as Notepad, Microsoft Word and the like?  The newer version of Windows 10 has come with a new and handy feature called Text Cursor Indicator.

This feature helps the computer users to spot the text cursor easily and quickly while creating a document in a text editor like Notepad, Microsoft Word, WordPad or other open-source text editors. The new Accessibility option (Text Cursor Indicator) is an attempt to improve cursor visibility in Windows 10. 

Moreover, the new text cursor indicator also works well with all types of web browsers in locating the text cursor to make your surfing experience better on the web. 

By default, the blinking text cursor line is very small in size at the end of what you are typing. Apart from this, the blinking pointer is a very thin line and it is not visible properly and due to this, some users have an issue in locating the text cursor line while creating a document on the small-screen desktop.

To end the text cursor issue and make it easier to see your text cursor, Microsoft has incorporated a new Text Cursor Indicator in Windows 10 which shows a coloured indicator at the top and bottom of the blinking text cursor. 

If you want to use the text cursor indicator feature then you must have windows 10 version 1930 or higher installed. 

Here’s how to enable and customize the text cursor indicator in Windows 10. 

1. First of all, open Windows Settings by pressing W+I keys together. Alternatively, you can open Windows Settings from the Start Menu or the Action Centre.

2. Click on Ease of Access category. 

Clicking on Ease of Access category

3. After clicking on Ease of Access, the Display page will open. Now click on Text cursor in the left-side panel.

Selecting text cursor in left panel

4. Now Text cursor page will open in the right-side panel. Now you can see various options to enable and customize the size, colour and thickness of the text cursor indicator. 

5. After this, turn on the toggle button of Turn on text cursor indicator to enable it.

Turning on toggle button of the text cursor indicator in windows 10

6. Now you can adjust the size of the text cursor indicator according to your choice by dragging the slider to the right or left. By default, you can change the size of the text cursor up to 5 points.

moving the text cursor indicator slider to adjust the size in windows 10

7. Next, you can choose the text cursor indicator colour from the Suggested text cursor indicator colours. Alternatively, you can also choose your desired colour by using “Pick a custom colour”.

Suggested text cursor indicator colours settings in windows 10

8. Lastly, you can also change the thickness of the blinking text cursor by moving the given slider to left or right to the desired level. You can adjust the thickness of the text cursor up to  20 points by default.

changing the thickness of the text cursor

Finally, you’re done!

We hope this article helped you learn how to enable and customize text cursor indicator in Windows 10 still, if you have any doubts you can drop your queries below in the comment box.

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