How to Boost Internet Speed and Hide Your Browsing History by Using Private DNS

how to boost internet speed

In this post, I’m gonna show how to boost internet speed and hide your browsing histories from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). There are tons of VPN apps available on the Google Play Store to boost internet speed and secure your browsing history. On the contrary, most of them are merely useless and misuse our personal data for marketing or advertising purposes.

Today I came up with a fantastic and working trick to use VPN Services without installing any third-party VPN app.

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Our privacy is the biggest question of this tech era despite the fact that billions of people are using the internet each day and many of them don’t know the looming danger.

Cloudflare’s DNS  Servers are the best alternative to VPN apps. You can use Private DNS on Android  9 (Pie) or higher version. If you’re already using a VPN app or server, you can still use Private DNS servers.

How to boost internet speed and hide browsing history?

Steps to follow:

1. Open “the settings” on your device by tapping on it.

2. After tapping the settings icon, the settings page will open.

3. Now tap on the “Network & Internet” or “Connections“.

4. After opening “Network & Internet“,  tap on the “Advanced” (this might be under a different name such as “More connection settings).

5. Now tap on “Private DNS“.

6. After doing so, Select the private DNS mode, you have to choose “Private DNS provider hostname” option.

7. Now input “”  in the “Private DNS provider hostname.

8. Finally, tap on “Save” to save when you have done everything correctly.

After completing this whole method, you can check if everything is working correctly or not. For this, open your desired browser and type “” in the address bar. Now you will see a “Yes” next to either “Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH)” or “Using DNS over TLS (DoT)”  in the “Debug Information” section, it depends on how you configured it.

This is all about how to boost your internet speed and hide your browsing history by using Private DNS, still you have any doubts you can drop your queries below in the comment box.

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