What is caret browsing and how to turn on or off in Mozilla Firefox?

caret browsing
Caret Browsing

Firefox is one of the best web browsers and most of the users use it for surfing and other important online chores. It is based on an open-source Gecko engine which is invariably fast, secure and lightweight as well. Moreover, it doesn’t track any of your online activity.

Firefox web browser has tons of built-in features to boost our productivity at work. Caret browsing is one of those features which make our browsing experience better.

It seems strange to hear what is caret browsing and its utility in the Firefox web browser? The caret browsing allows you to enable a dynamic cursor on websites, so you can select text without touching your mouse.

Apart from this, you can easily manage text on any websites by using the keyboard’s arrow keys just like in Microsoft Word, such as selecting text by pressing the Shift and Arrow key. If you’re one of those who spends a lot of time studying on websites then this feature would be handy to you.

How to Enable Caret Browsing in Firefox Browser?

Follow these steps to enable the caret browsing in the Firefox browser:

1. Open your Firefox browser and make sure you have the latest version installed on your operating system.

2. Now, open the desired website in the Firefox browser and press F7.

3. A dialogue box will open after pressing the F7 key. Now click on the “Yes” button to enable the caret browsing in the Firefox browser.

4. Finally, the caret browsing would be enabled on your operating system and you can see a moveable cursor in the web page which allows you to select text with the keyboard.

This is all about how to enable caret browsing in the Firefox browser, still if you have any doubts you can drop your queries below in the comment box.

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