Microsoft Edge Is Getting Vertical Tabs And A New History View Button

Microsoft Edge vertical tabs feature

Microsoft Chromium Edge is now rolling out a bunch of interesting features namely vertical tabs, new history view as well as speedy startups. After adopting the Chromium open-source project, Microsoft Chromium Edge is constantly improving its browser to make the browsing experience easier and better for users.

Earlier, Microsoft Edge had also come up with a variety of new useful features like Smart Copy, Password Monitor, Collections, Surfing Game, InPrivate Mode, Enhanced Privacy Settings, QR Code Generator, Fullscreen  Dropdown Shy UI Mode, Web Capture Tool and so forth. 

As of now, Microsoft is releasing vertical tabs, new history view and speedy startups for everyone publicly which were available to some users a few months ago on Dev and Canary channels.

The vertical tabs’ layout is the newest and fastest way that allows you to find and manage large numbers of tabs easier, quicker and uniquely than ever before. Eventually, on arrival of the vertical tabs feature, you’re able to stack tabs on the left side of the browser instead of the traditional long horizontal list of tabs at the top.

As you know, the most common problem with the traditional long horizontal tabs at the top bar is that as more tabs are opened, it can be difficult to see tabs and there is no room for new tabs.

The layout of the vertical tab looks really good as can be seen in the GIF below.

Microsoft Edge vertical tabs feature
Image Credit: Microsoft

How to use the Microsoft Edge Vertical Tabs feature:

The vertical tab feature is very easy to use in the Microsoft Edge browser. Simply click on the vertical tab icon ⬒ present in the top-left corner of the Edge browser to switch your tabs orientation to view and manage your tabs from the side of the screen more conveniently.

You can also switch back to horizontal tabs view at any time by clicking on the vertical tabs’ ⬒ icon.

Here are a few things you can do with the vertical tabs feature:

  • Reorder and manage multiple tabs – You can select multiple tabs by holding down Ctrl or Shift and clicking on the tabs you want to manage. This feature allows you to pin, close, reload and reorder the tabs in bulk.
  • Mute noisy tabs – This feature makes it easier to mute noisy tabs which play audio in the background by clicking on the speaker icon 🔊.
  • Pin your favourite tabs – The vertical tabs feature has a tabs pinning feature that allows you to pin your favourite websites so that you can access them quickly. To do this, simply right-click on the tab and click on the pin icon.

You can also see the above three features in the GIF below.

Microsoft Edge New History View Button - Microsoft Edge Is Getting Vertical Tabs And A New History View Button
Image Credit: Microsoft

Apart from the above features, Microsoft Edge users are also receiving a speedy startup feature that makes your browser launch up to 41 percent faster, and it is enabled by default. You do not need to do anything about it.

The last and most important feature that Microsoft Chromium Edge users are getting is a new history view in the browser to manage history with ease. With the advent of this feature, you can now navigate directly to the history form toolbar instead of heading into the settings section of the browser. Know the ropes on how to add the history button ⟲ in the toolbar with the help of the GIF given below.

microsoft edge new history view feature
Image Credit: Microsoft

The great thing about the new History View feature is that you can also access tabs from other devices as well as recently closed tabs.

Microsoft Edge New History View Button - Microsoft Edge Is Getting Vertical Tabs And A New History View Button
Image Credit: Microsoft

So this was all about the Microsoft Edge browser’s vertical tabs, the new history view button and speedy startups, if you still have any questions regarding this, please drop your queries in the comments section below.

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