Google Chrome Gains New Badge Feature on Menu Items

Google Chrome Gains New Badge Feature on Menu Items
Google Chrome Gains New Badge Feature on Menu Items
Chrome ‘New’ Badge Feature

Tech giant Google is now working on bringing a new feature called “New” badge on menu items. This feature is similar to the “N” badge on mobile applications or the “New” badge on newly installed programs and apps in the Start Menu of Windows 10. This new feature helps desktop Chrome users to learn about newly added features to the desktop version of the Chrome browser.

The “New” badge on menu items feature is currently in the pipeline and yet not available publicly. This feature is hidden behind a flag and available in the stable version of Google Chrome 85 or higher version through the flag. 

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As of now, this feature is disabled by default and if you’re interested in using it, you can enable it manually.  After enabling it, you can easily identify and access newly added features and options in the chrome browser just like the badge feature in mobile apps and Windows 10. 

The following screenshot shows the “New” badge on the menu items live in action on the “Add tab to new group” in the tab menu in Chrome.

How to enable the ‘New’ badge feature in Google Chrome?

Now follow these simple steps to enable the “New” badge on menu items in Google Chrome browser.

New badge on menu items

1. Fire up the Chrome browser on your desktop.

2. Type chrome://flags/ in the address bar of the Chrome browser.

Typing Chrome://flags/ in the address bar of Google Chrome

3. After this, the experimental features page will open. Now type badge in the “search flags” in the search bar. The “New” badge on the menu items will appear with a yellow highlighted colour. 

Typing "badge" in the search flags box

4. Select Enabled from the drop-down menu to enable “New” badge on menu items.

Enabling New" badge on menu items from drop-down menu

5. Now click on the Relaunch button to take effect new feature. 

Relaunching chrome browser after enabling New" badge on menu items

That’s it.

Now, this feature will help you identify the newly added feature in chrome browser by showing a blue-coloured New badge where a new functionality contains.

Note: By enabling experimental features, you could lose browser data or compromise your security or privacy.

So this is all about  how to enable the “New” badge on menu items in Google Chrome still, if you have any doubts you can drop your queries below in the comment box.

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